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"Nessler a name where refinedment up to the subject is the main motto"

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NESSLER stands for a scientist name. He invented many chemical reagents. Following his path in serving Science and Education, we are developing equipments as per demand or the subject. Since 1992, NESSLER has been providing technical solution to real educational Problems. The chances are sure that we'll successfully solve your application problem or one very like it before. Why not take advantage of our experience and contact us?

Most of our products are conceived, designed and manufactured by us under a quality management system which satisfies the stringent requirement of technical standard. May be it give you surprise but the products mentioned in this list manufactured under one roof. In addition, our packaging materials are fully recyclable, a part of our commitment to a better environment.

We are having an excellent setup equipped with sophisticated Machine tool Room, Glassware Machinery, Paint shed, Test & Calibration Lab, Enclosure Manufacturing, Transformer manufacturing, A super fine assembly line & Computer Designing. NESSLER has Instituted a quality improvement program which is devoted to attaining customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality of our employees and processes. We are focused on the voice of customer and respond positively at all levels of our company.

As we are the group of qualified engineers having a long experience in specific fields which can help to bring you cost-effective, fast and reliable solutions. We are confident that you will find our products most reliable, well performing and at the most competitive cost.

Many of the products in this catalogue are well established whereas others are brand new, introduced to meet your changing needs. In case you think some of the products required by you are missing in our Catalogue, our specialized Development team can develop the product as per your specifications at a short time.

For any further information, contact our online support system at nesilabs@hotmail.com; nesslerelectronics@hotmail.com