Analytical Instruments
EL1101 Water and Soil Analysis Kit
EL1102 Ph Meter (0-14 Ph)
EL1103 Digital Conductivity Meter
EL1104 Digital Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Meter
EL1105 Digital Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Meter
EL1106 Filter Photo Calorimeter
EL1107 Digital Tele Thermometer
EL1108 Portable Digital Wall Thermometer
EL1109 Digital Colony Counter
EL1110 Portable Digital LUX Meter
EL1111 Digital Temperature Indicator
EL1112 Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller
EL1113 Bench Top Digital Volt Meter
EL1114 Bench Top Digital Current Meter
EL1115 Cooke's Pole Climbing Apparatus
EL1116 Electronic Simulator
Analog Instruments
EL1117 Signal/ Function Generator
EL1118 Signal Generator and Amplifier
EL1119 Signal Generator with AM and FM Provision
EL1120 Audio Oscillator
EL1121 FET Volt-Ohm Meter (VTVM)
EL1122 Milli Voltmeter (1mV to 100V a.c.)
EL1123 Pulse Generator
EL1124 Signal Tracer
EL1125 Decade Capacitance Box (DCB)
EL1126 Decade Inductance Box (DIB)
EL1127 Decade Resistance Box (DRB)
EL1128 Capacitance Substitution Box
EL1129 Decade Capacitance Box
EL1130 Resistance Substitution Box
Note : Rotary Switches used in Product Code # 1125-1129 are silver plated switch contacts and having 10 decades each. Any other range for Product Code # 1125-1130 can also be provided against order.
Power Supplies
EL1131 Extra High Tension (EHT) Variable Power Supply
EL1132 High Voltage Variable Power Supply
EL1133 Low Voltage Variable Power Supply
EL1134 Low Tension (LT) Vriable Power Supply (ac/dc)
EL1135 Low Tension Dual Vriable Power Supply
EL1136 Regulated Low Tension (LT) Power Supply
EL1137 Multiple Low Tension Dual Vriable Power Supply
EL1138 Battery Eliminators, Regulated
EL1139 Battery Eliminators, Conventional
ELxxx1 Battery Chargers, Conventional
EL1140 Automatic Voltage Stablizers
EL1141 Autotransformers or Variable A.C. Power Supply
EL1142 Power Inverters
Note: *Digital Voltage and Current readout can be provided at extra cost for product code # 1131 to # 1135.
*High Current Power supplies have built-in Cooling fans.
Analog Training Kits
Following electronic kits are an ideal introduction to the world of electronics, which is very useful for basic study of Electronics and Physics. Students can perform number of exciting projects dealing with the understanding of linear circuits.
EL1143 Laboratory Trainer Kit
EL1144 Electronic Circuit Trainer Kit
ELxxx2 Series and Parallel Resonant LCR Circuits
ELxxx3 Power Supply Trainer (ac/dc)
ELxxx4 Solderless Bread Board
ELxxx5 Solderless Bread Board with Power Supply
EL1145 Resistance Coils
EL1146 Set of Coils
EL1147 Demountable Transformer, Type-1
EL1148 Demountable Transformer, Type-2
EL1149 Solar Cell with LED
EL1150 Solar Cell with Solar Fan (ac/dc)
EL1151 Solar Energy Kit, Type-1
ELxxx6 Solar Energy Kit, Type-1
EL1152 Electronic Stimulator
EL1153 Solar light
EL1155 Voiltage Smoothing Unit
EL1156 Electric Vibrator
EL1157 Colpitt's Oscillator
EL1158 Crystal Controlled Oscillator
EL1159 Crystal Controlled Oscillator using PLL
EL1160 Hartley Oscillator
EL1161 Wein-Bridge Oscillator
EL1162 Phase-Shift Oscillator
EL1163 Relaxation Oscillator using UJT
EL1164 Amplitude Modulator
EL1165 Frequency Modulator
EL1166 Transistor Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 4 meters)
EL1167 FET Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 4 meters)
EL1168 MOSFET Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 4 meters)
EL1169 UJT Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 3 meters)
EL1170 SCR Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 4 meters)
EL1171 TRIAC Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 3 meters)
EL1172 DIAC Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 2 meters)
EL1173 Ohm's Law Characteristics (Resistance in circuit) Curve Apparatus (with 2 meters)
EL1174 Photo Transistor Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 3 meters)
EL1176 Flashing and Quenching of Neon Bulb Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 2 meters)
EL1177 Charging and Discharging of Condensor Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 2 meters)
EL1175 Thermistor Characteristics Curve Apparatus (with 2 meters)
EL1179 Resistance in Series and Parallel Characteristics Curve Apparatus
EL1178 P-N Junction diode Characteristics Curve Apparatus
EL1180 Zener diode Characteristics Curve Apparatus
EL1181 B-H Characteristics Curve Apparatus
EL1182 Transistor A.F. Amplifier (CC, CB, CE)
EL1183 Classes of Amplifier (Class-A, Class-B, Clas-C)
EL1184 Transistor R-C Coupled two Stage A.F. Amplifier
EL1185 FET Amplifier
EL1186 Negative Feedback of an Amplifier
EL1187 Push-Pull Amplifier
EL1188 Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifier
EL1189 Summing and Subtracting Amplifier
EL1190 Operational Amplifier (IC741) Trainer
EL1191 Power Amplifier
EL1192 Potential Divider and Biasing Circuit
EL1193 Filters A.F. (Active and Passive)
EL1195 Diode Clamping Circuit
EL1196 Diode Clipping Circuit
EL1197 Effects of Half Wave, Full Wave and Bridge rectifier
EL1198 Series type D.C. Voltage Regulator
EL1199 Lamp Control using DIAC and TRIAC
EL1200 LCR Resonance Circuit
EL1201 LC Resonance Circuit
ELxxx7 Transistor Amplifier Training Kit
ELxxx8 Analog Communication Kit
ELxxx9 Thyristor Power Control Circuit kit
ELxx10 Discrete Component Trainer Kit
ELxx11 Rectifier Training Kit
ELxx12 Transistor Characteristics Training Kit
Digital Training Kits
Note : All training kits are having printed panels. The circuit of experiment is printed on the panel with printed component symbols and their pin configurations for fast understanding of the experiments. Detailed Manual will be provided.
ELxx13 Microprocessor 8085 Training kit
ELxx14 Digital Trainer Kit
ELxx15 Operational Amplifier (IC741) Trainer Kit
ELxx16 Integrated Circuit (IC555) Trainer Kit
ELxx17 Integrated Circuit 723 Regulator Trainer Kit
EL1202 Digital Logic Trainers (various Logic Gates)
EL1203 Diode Transistor Logic (DTL) Gate Trainer
EL1204 Characteristics of D Type Flip Flop
EL1205 Characteristics of J-K Flip Flop
EL1207 Astable Multivibrator
EL1208 Bi-stable Multivibrator
EL1209 Mono-Stable Multivibrator
EL1210 Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC)
EL1211 Digital to Analog Convertor (DAC)
EL1212 Characteristics of R-S Flip Flop
EL1215 Characteristics of J-K Master-Slave Flip Flop
EL1216 Decimal to BCD Encoder
EL1217 BCD to Decimal Decoder
EL1218 BCD to Seven Segment Decoder
EL1219 4-Bit Ripple Counter
EL1220 4-Bit Reverse Counter
EL1221 Study of Two Binary Counter
EL1222 Ring and Johnson Counter
EL1223 Study of BCD Counter
EL1224 Study of Shift Register
EL1225 Study of Left and Right Shift register
EL1226 Arithmatic Opeartion of Shift register
EL1227 Two Input Multiplexer
EL1228 1:4 De-Multiplexer
EL1229 Binary Full Adder
EL1230 Binary Half Adder
EL1231 Binary Subtracter
EL1232 Timer (IC 555) Tariner
EL1233 Varification of De-Morgan's Law
EL1234 Varification of thevenin's Theorm
EL1235 Varification of Maximum Power Transfer Theorm
Components on Base
Following units are mounted on "U" section transparent plastic base of 90X65X28mm high together with color coded 4mm sockets with printed symbol of the components and their pin configuration.
EL1236 Diode Valve Unit
EL1237 Triode Valve Unit
EL1238 Pentode Valve Unit
EL1239 Thyatron Valve Unit
EL1240 Photo Diode Unit
EL1241 Silicon Diode Unit
EL1242 Germanium Diode Unit
EL1243 Zener Diode Unit
EL1244 NPN Transistor Unit
EL1245 PNP Transistor Unit
EL1246 FET Transistor Unit
EL1247 UJT Transistor Unit
EL1248 MOSFET Transistor Unit
EL1249 Photo Transistor Unit
EL1250 Photo Cell Unit
EL1251 Thermistor Unit
EL1252 Cadmium Sulphide Resistor (CDS) Unit
EL1253 Power Transistor Unit
EL1254 N-type Germanium Wafer Unit
EL1255 P-type Germanium Wafer Unit
EL1256 Triac Unit
EL1257 Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) Unit
EL1258 REED Switch Unit
EL1259 READ Switch Unit
EL1260 Seven Segment Display Unit (Common Cathode)
EL1261 Seven Segment Display Unit (Common Anode)
EL1262 Lamp Unit (in Parallel)
EL1263 Lamp Unit (in Series)
EL1264 Mini Motor Unit
EL1265 Switch Unit, SPDT Type
EL1266 Switch Unit, DPDT Type
EL1267 Switch Unit, Push to ON/OFF
EL1268 Small Motor/ Generator Unit
EL1269 Semi-conductor Thermopile Unit
EL1270 Capacitor and Resistance Unit
EL1271 Inductor and Resistance Unit
EL1272 Variable Capacitor Unit
EL1273 Fixed Capacitor Unit
EL1274 Basic Unit
EL1275 Bi-Stable Unit
EL1276 Multivibrator Unit
EL1277 Beam Splitter Unit
EL1278 AND Gate Unit
EL1279 NAND Gate Unit
EL1280 OR Gate Unit
EL1281 NOR Gate Unit
EL1282 NOT Gate Unit
EL1283 Indicator Unit
EL1284 Triple Indicator Unit
EL1285 Switch Unit
EL1286 Tuner Detector Unit
EL1287 Voltage Amplifier Unit
EL1288 Power Amplifier Unit
EL1289 Power Relay Unit
EL1290 Multi Function Unit
EL1291 Clocked R-S Bi-Stable Unit
EL1292 Operational Amplifier Unit
EL1293 Scaled Potentiometer Unit
EL1294 Control Unit
EL1295 Regulator IC 7805 Mounted
EL1296 Regulator IC 7905 Mounted
EL1297 Regulator IC 7812 Mounted
EL1298 Regulator IC 7912 Mounted
EL1299 ZED Pulley Mounted
EL1300 Lamp Holder Mounted (up to 50V)
EL1301 Potentiometer (Linear) Mounted
EL1302 Clip Components Holder
EL1303 Microphone/ Loudspeaker Module
Discharge Tubes
All the below tubes are made in 110mm soda glass shell as per standard specifications. Prices are considerable for small shell and other specifications.
EL1304 Demonstration Diode
EL1305 Demonstration Triode
EL1306 Luminescent Tube
EL1307 Maltest Cross Tube
EL1308 Perrin Tube
EL1309 Cathode Ray Deflection Tube
EL1310 Discharge Tube (set of 6 tubes)
EL1311 Demonstration Triode (with Helium)
EL1312 Helmoltz Coils
EL1313 Universal Stand
EL1314 Roentgen X-Ray Tube
EL1315 Plug to Dry Battery (One Pair)
EL1316 Flexible Leads, with Crocodile Clip (One pair)
EL1317 Flexible Leads, with Plug (One pair)
EL1318 PCB Inspection Lens
EL1319 Cell Holder, Stackable (UM-1)
EL1320 Glass Cartridge Fuse Links

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