GL1901 Test Tube
GL1902 Burettes
GL1903 Pipettes
GL1904 Measuring/ Volumetric Flasks
GL1905 Measuring Cylinders
GL1906 Centrifuge Tube
GL1907 Beakers, Low Form with Spout
GL1908 Conical Funnel, 60 deg. angle with stem
GL1909 Thistle Funnel, 30cm stem
GL1910 Flasks Conical
GL1911 Boiling Flasks
GL1912 Distillation Assembly
GL1913 Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly
GL1914 Steam Distillation Assembly
GL1915 Continuous Water Distillation Assembly
GL1916 Beaker's Low Form
GL1917 Weighing Bottles, Tall Form
GL1918 Reagent Bottles
GL1919 Dropping Bottles
GL1920 Albuinometer, Esbachs in case
GL1921 Ureometer Doremus, with Stop Cock
GL1922 Ureometer Doremus, without stop cock
GL1923 Blood Sugar Tubes
GL1924 Digestion Tubes
GL1925 Wintrobe Tubes, 100 mm. graduated
GL1926 Wintrobe Tubes, Neutral Hard Glass
GL1927 E.S.R. Tube, 200 mm, Graduated
GL1928 Tube for Khan and Wasserman Test
GL1929 Kahn's Antigen Dilution Tube
GL1930 Kipp's Apparatus
GL1931 Manometer Bennert type, Anchulz
GL1932 Hoffman's Voltameter
GL1933 Viscometer
GL1934 Weighing Scoopes
GL1935 Spatula Ended Spoon
GL1936 Boyle's Law Apparatus
GL1937 Charle's Law Apparatus
GL1938 Butyrometer, Dr. Gerber's design
GL1939 Butyrometer, Butter Grade
GL1940 Butyrometer, Cream 0-70%
GL1941 Butyrometer, Skim Milk 0-0.5%
GL1942 Chemical Thermometer
GL1943 Bunsen Burner
GL1944 Mecker Burner
GL1945 Boiling Tubes GL1946 Semi Micro, test Tube Brush
GL1947 Semi Micro, Stainless Steel Spatula
GL1948 Centrifuge Machine, Hand Driven
GL1949 Platinum Wire
GL1950 Watch Glass
GL1951 Silica Basins
GL1952 PTFE Centrifuge Tube
GL1953 Burette Clamps
GL1954 Universal Clamps
GL1955 Universal Clamps, Condenser Clamps
GL1956 Finger Clamps, Condenser
GL1957 Condenser Clamps
GL1958 Retort Clamps
GL1959 Boss Head, Casted
GL1960 Boss Head, Die Pressed
GL1961 Stands, Cast Iron
GL1962 Boss Head, Ganson Type
GL1963 Tripod Stand
GL1964 Retort Ring
GL1965 Cork Borers
GL1966 Hoffman's Screw Clip
GL1967 Spatula
GL1968 Aluminium test Tube Stand
GL1969 Perspex Test Tube Stand
GL1970 Wooden Test Tube Stand
GL1971 Analytical Weight Boxk
GL1972 Analytical Loose Weights
GL1973 Analytical Fractional Weights

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