Dissecting Equipment
BP2201 Dissecting Set
BP2202 Forceps, Pointed Ends (Stainless Steel)
BP2203 Dissecting Scissors, Fine Points, Stainless Steel
BP2204 Dissecting Boards
BP2205 Dissecting Dishes, Aluminium
Environmental Sciences
BP2206 Rocks and Minerals Collection
BP2207 Water and Soil Analysis Kit
BP2208 Insect Net
BP2209 Specimen Tubes
Prepared Micro Slides
BP2210 For Botony
Slide Box/ Cabinet
BP2211 Micro Slide Box (Teak Wood) for 3"x1" Slides (100 and 25 Slides), Teak Wood Finger Joints
BP2212 Micro Slide Box (Wooden/ Aluminium) for 3"x1" Slides (100 and 25 Slides), White Wood Finger Joints
BP2213 Micro Slide Box (Teak Wood Drawers) for 3"x1" Slides (500 - 5000 Slides), Aluminium Finger Joints
BP2214 Micro Slide Cabinet (Multipurpose) for 3"x1" Slides, Vertical and Flat Slides (1000 - 5000 Slides)
BP2215 Slide Tray, Aluminium
BP2216 Insect Setting Showcase
BP2217 Human Jaw, Lower Jaw
BP2218 Human Ear
BP2219 Human Brain, Lower Jaw
BP2220 Human Eye
BP2221 Human Teeth, Lower Jaw
BP2222 Human Nervous System
BP2223 Section of Human Skin
BP2224 Head and Neck on Board
BP2225 Human Digestive System
BP2226 Human Torso ModelEar
BP2227 Excretory System of Man
BP2228 Human Heart
BP2229 Circulatory System
BP2230 Animal Cell
BP2231 Cell Division (Mitosis/ Miosis)
BP2232 Reproductive System - Male
BP2233 Reproductive System - Female
BP2234 Human respirotary System
BP2235 Section of Human Kidney
BP2236 Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus
BP2237 Autotransformers or Variacs
BP2238 Laboratory Jacks
BP2239 Catalytic Hydrogenation Apparatus
BP2240 Stirrers
BP2241 Water Stills
BP2242 Hot Plate
BP2243 Motor Driven Disintegrator
BP2244 Ball Mill Motor Drivers
BP2245 Tablet Making Machine
BP2246 Tablet Hardness Tester
BP2247 Capsule Filling Machine (100 Capsules)
BP2248 Histamine Chamber
BP2249 Cook's Pole Climbing Response Apparatus
BP2250 Activity Cage Photometer
BP2251 Analgesiometer
BP2252 Electro Canvelsiometer
BP2253 Voltage Stabalizers>

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