CT2401 Cell Membrane and Cell Wall
CT2402 Endoplasmic Reticulum
CT2403 Mitochondrion
CT2404 Golgi Complex
CT2405 Chloroplast
CT2406 Nucleus
CT2407 Chromosomes
CT2408 Structure of Cilium And Flagellum
CT2409 Ribosomes and Lysosomes
CT2410 Monohybrid Cross Complete Dominance
CT2411 Monohybrid Cross Incomplete Dominance
CT2412 Forms of Comb in Fowl
CT2413 Dihybrid Ratio
CT2414 Linkage
CT2415 Mutations
CT2416 Chromosomal Aberrations
CT2417 Color Blindness and Hemophilia
CT2418 Genetic Code
CT2419 Mendelism
CT2420 Tuberculosis
CT2421 Typhoid
CT2422 Diphtheria
CT2423 Diarrhoea
CT2424 Filariasis
CT2425 Leprosy
CT2426 Pathogenic Protozoa
CT2427 A I D S
CT2428 Photosynthesis - Light Reactions
CT2429 Integration of Carbohydrate, Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Anabolism - Dark Reactions
CT2430 Integration of Carbohydrate, Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Catabolism
CT2431 Osmosis, Plasmolysis and Diffusion
CT2432 Gluconeogenesis and Hmp Pathway
CT2433 Active and Passive Transport
CT2434 Fatty Acid Oxidation and Regulation
CT2435 Microscope
CT2436 Gametogenesis
CT2437 Water Cycle
CT2438 Pond Ecosystem
CT2439 Carbon Cycle
CT2440 Nitrogen Cycle
CT2441 DNA 8 Loops (7` X 3`)
CT2442 DNA Structure
CT2443 RNA: Types, Transcription and Translation
CT2444 RNA Structure
CT2445 Protein Synthesis
CT2446 Urea Cycle
CT2447 Vitamins - Source and Deficiency
CT2448 Plant Kingdom
CT2449 Animal Kingdom
CT2450 Nutrients
CT2451 Food Pyramids
CT2452 Potato Mosaic
CT2453 Bacterial Blight Of Potato
CT2454 Environmental Pollution
CT2455 Vegetables And Fruits
CT2456 Oxygen Cycle
CT2457 Food Chain
CT2458 Food Web
CT2459 Municipal Water Treatment
CT2460 Enzymes - Classifications and Kinetics
CT2461 Phosphorous Cycle
CT2462 Geological Time Scale
CT2463 Endocrine Glands - Structure And Function
CT2464 Xerosere
CT2465 Hydrosere
CT2466 Bio Gas Plant
CT2467 Chromatography
CT2468 Electrophoresis
CT2469 Atmosphere Layers
CT2470 Alpha Helical Structure of Polypeptide
CT2471 Tertiary and Quaternary Structure of Protein
CT2472 Amino Acids: Structure and Classification
CT2473 Protein Structure
CT2474 Nucleotides and Biosynthesis
CT2475 Terrestrial and Marine Ecosystems
CT2476 Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
CT2477 Human Liver And Pancreas
CT2478 Xerophthalmia
CT2479 Pellagra
CT2480 Ariboflavinosis
CT2481 Scurvy
CT2482 Rickets
CT2483 Goitre
CT2484 Marasmus
CT2485 Kwashiorkor
CT2486 Balanced Diet
CT2487 Seasons
CT2488 Human Circulatory System
CT2489 Diabetes: Glucose Estimation
CT2490 Heart Attack: Cholesterol Estimation
CT2491 Jaundice: Bilirubin Estimation
CT2492 Lesser Grain Borer
CT2493 Angoumois Grain Moth
CT2494 Rice Moth
CT2495 Pulse Beetle
CT2496 Insects Found In Food Grain
CT2497 Sulphur Cycle
CT2498 Energy Flow
CT2499 Cytoplasmic Inheritance
CT2500 Sex Linked Inheritance
CT2501 Lac Operon
CT2502 Recombinant DNA and Cloning
CT2503 Monoclonal Antibodies and Blotting
CT2504 Crossing Over
Human Anatomy
CT2505 Human Skeleton
CT2506 Human Skeleton Joints and Limbs
CT2507 Human Heart
CT2508 Human Arterial System
CT2509 Human Venous System
CT2510 Human Digestive System
CT2511 Human Respiratory System
CT2512 Human Excretory System
CT2513 Human Brain
CT2514 Human Spinal Cord
CT2515 Human Skin
CT2516 Human Eye
CT2517 Human Ear
CT2518 Human Endocrine Glands
CT2519 Human Reproductive System
CT2520 Human Nervous System
CT2521 Human Muscular System
CT2522 Human Nose
CT2523 Human Tongue
CT2524 Human Muscles
CT2525 Human Cartilage and Bone
CT2526 Human Blood
CT2527 Human Blood Groups
CT2528 Human Embryo Development - I
CT2529 Human Embryo Development - II
CT2530 Human Lymphatic System
CT2531 Human Teeth
CT2532 Human Menstrual Cycle
CT2533 Human Immunity System
CT2534 Human Body
CT2535 Solar System
CT2536 Solar, Lunar Eclipses and Tides
CT2537 Distribution of Earth Quakes
CT2538 Distribution of Volcanoes
CT2539 Activity of Volcanoes
CT2540 Rivers and their Geological Actions
CT2541 Continental Drift
CT2542 Types of Folds
CT2543 Attitudes assumed by an Axial Plane and an Axis of Folds
CT2544 Distribution of Folds
CT2545 Structure of The Earth and Isostasy
CT2546 Description and Classification of Faults - I
CT2547 Description and Classification of Faults - II
CT2548 Unconfirmity Structure
CT2549 Forms of Igneous Rocks
CT2550 Structural Features of Rocks - I
CT2551 Structural Features of Rocks - II
CT2552 Lineation
CT2553 Mountains and Mountain Building
CT2554 Glaciers
CT2555 Star: Life Cycle
CT2556 Geological Time Scale
CT2557 Atmosphere - Layers
CT2558 Water Cycle
CT2559 Carbon Cycle
CT2560 Seasons
Physical Science
CT2561 Periodicity of Elements: Atomic Radii and Electronegativity
CT2562 Periodic Classification of Elements: Long Form
CT2563 Liquefaction of Gases (Air)
CT2564 Electromagnetic Radiation Spectra
CT2565 Emission Spectra of Hydrogen Atom
CT2566 Study of Thermionic and Photo Electric Emission
CT2567 Discharge Tubes Experiments
CT2568 Principle Underlying Thomson Experiments
CT2569 Effects of Electric Current
CT2570 Periodic Table of Elements
CT2571 X-Rays (Gas Filled X-Ray Tubes)
CT2572 Sodium Chloride Crystal
CT2573 Millikan'S Oil Drop Method
CT2574 Electro Chemical Cells
CT2575 Optical Activity
CT2576 Radio Activity - Alpha, Beta and Gamma Rays
CT2577 Structure of Atom
CT2578 Nuclear Fission and Fusion
CT2579 Inter Conversion of Energy Forms
CT2580 Sound Spectra
CT2581 Meter Principles (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2582 Semiconductor Fundamentals (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2583 Transistor Characteristics
CT2584 Electronic Symbols (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2585 Nuclear Radiation Detectors (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2586 Line Spectra of some Elements
CT2587 Crystal Structures - Types
CT2588 Particle Accelerators - Cyclotron
CT2589 Triode Characteristics - Static
CT2590 Velocity of Light
CT2591 Atomic Reactor
CT2592 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
CT2593 8085 - Instruction Set
CT2594 Light - Refraction
CT2595 Light - Reflection
CT2596 Light - Dispersion
CT2597 Light - Diffraction
CT2598 Light - Interference
CT2599 Light - Polarization
CT2600 Lenses - Images
CT2601 Telescopes
CT2602 Lasers
CT2603 Magnets And Magnetic Properties
CT2604 Transformers
CT2605 Dynamos
CT2606 Kirchoff`S Laws - Wheatstone and Meter Bridge
CT2607 Dimensional Formulae
CT2608 N-Type and P-Type Crystals
CT2609 Surface Tension and Capillarity
CT2610 Levers and Pulleys
CT2611 Images of Lenses and Mirrors
CT2612 Electromagnetic Induction
CT2613 Rectifiers
CT2614 Filters
CT2615 Multivibrators
CT2616 Logic Gates
CT2617 Oscillators
CT2618 Telephone
CT2619 Television
CT2620 Photographic Camera
CT2621 Electrolysis
CT2622 Electro Magnetism
CT2623 Ohms`s Law - Electric Circuits
CT2624 Computer
CT2625 Common Pumps: Force, Cycle, Vacuum and Siphon
CT2626 Newton`S Law of Motion
CT2627 Calorimetry
CT2628 Amplifiers - Single Stage, Multi Stage and Feedback (Set af 3 Charts)
CT2629 Vernier, Screw Gauge and Spherometer
CT2630 Satellite Communication
CT2631 Boyle's Law
CT2632 Determination of Focal Length in Lenses and Mirrors
CT2633 Velocity of Sound
CT2634 Radar
CT2635 Fax and Xerox
CT2636 Developmental Stages of Satellite
CT2637 Nuclear Power Plant
CT2638 Charle's Law
CT2639 Communication Systems (Set of 3 Charts)
CT2640 Industrial Electronics (Set of 3 Charts)
CT2641 Interfacing Peripherals (Set of 3 Charts)
CT2642 Refrigerator Principle and Operation (Set Of 2 Charts)
CT2643 Shapes of Atomic Orbitals
CT2644 Relative Energies of Atomic Orbitals
CT2645 Shapes of Orbitals and Molecules
CT2646 Formation of Molecular Orbitals
CT2647 Molecular Orbitals of Benzene
CT2648 Conformation of Ethane and Cyclohexane
CT2649 Optical and Geometrical Isomerism
CT2650 Alpha Helical Structure of Polypeptide
CT2651 Petroleum Fractions
CT2652 Blast Furnace
CT2653 Manufacture of Ammonia - Haber's Process
CT2654 Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid - Chamber Process
CT2655 Extraction of Sodium
CT2656 Fractionation of Coaltar
CT2657 Determination of Molecular Weight - Victor Mayer's Method
CT2658 Manufacture of Sodium Hydroxide and Chlorine - Nelson's Cell
CT2659 Structure and Manufacture of Carbon Allotropy (Coal, Graphite and Diamond)
CT2661 Manufacture of Nitric Acid from Ammonia - Ostwald's Process
CT2660 Manufacture of Cement - Dry Process
CT2662 Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid - Contact Process
CT2663 Extraction of Sulphur - Sicilian and Frasch Process
CT2664 Manufacture of Aluminium by Electrolytic Process
CT2665 Metallurgy of Copper
CT2666 Metallurgy of Nickel
CT2667 Manufacture of Sugar from Sugarcane
CT2668 Structure Of Silicates
CT2669 Principles of Molecular Orbitals L.C.A.O.
CT2670 Structural Isomerism
CT2671 Hybridization
CT2672 Amino Acids - Structure and Classification
CT2673 Extraction of Iron and Steel
CT2674 Extraction of Magnesium
CT2675 Preparation of Fluorine
CT2676 Acids - Bases
CT2677 Preparation of Hydrogen and Oxygen
CT2678 Preparation of Hydrogen Sulphide and Sulphur Dioxide
CT2679 Manufacture of Sodium Hydroxide - Solvay Process
CT2680 Distillation
CT2681 Aldehydes and Ketones
CT2682 Manufacture of Sodium Carbonate
CT2683 Preparation of Hydrogen Chloride, Bromine and Hydrogen Bromide
CT2684 Preparation of Methane, Ethane and Acetylene
CT2685 Refining of Petroleum
CT2686 Manufacture of Glass
CT2687 Manufacture of Nitrobenzene and Aniline
CT2688 Extraction of Phosphorous
CT2689 Purification of Water and Hydrogen Peroxide
CT2690 Hydrocarbons
CT2691 Chemical Bonds
CT2692 Preparation of Chlorine and Bleaching Powder
CT2693 Metallurgy: Principles and Processes
CT2694 Preparation of Carbon Dioxide
CT2695 Manufacture of Ethyl Alcohol
CT2696 Nitrogen Preparation and Estimation
CT2697 Manufacture of Penicillin
CT2698 Manufacture of Polyester
CT2699 Manufacture of Nylon
CT2700 Manufacture of DDT
CT2701 Manufacture of Citric Acid
CT2702 Manufacture of Portland Cement
CT2703 Manufacture of Soap
CT2704 Fire Estinguisher
CT2705 Environmental Pollution
CT2706 Osmosis, Plasmolysis and Diffusion
CT2707 Gluconeogenesis and HMP Pathway
CT2708 Enzymes: Classification and Kinetics
CT2709 Phosphorous Cycle

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