OP2901 Student Microscope
OP2902 Pathological/ Medical Microscope
OP2903 Binocular Research Microscope
OP2904 Stereoscope Binocular Microscope
OP2905 Dissecting Microscope
OP2906 Binocular Stereo Microscope
OP2907 Stereo Microscope (revolving type)
OP2908 Stereo Zoom Microscope
OP2909 Binocular Metallurgical Microscope
OP2910 Tool Maker's Microscope
OP2911 Image Analyzer System
OP2912 Travelling Microscope (Vernier)
OP2913 Senior Projection
OP2914 Senior Rotary Microtome
OP2915 Overhead Projector
OP2916 Slide Projector
OP2917 Spectroscope
OP2918 Student Spectrometer
OP2919 Sodium Vapour Lamp (220V)
OP2920 Lamp Hose and Transformer for Sodium Vapour Lamp
Mirror, Lens and Magnifiers
OP2921 Plain Mirror Glass
OP2924 Concave Mirrors
OP2925 Convex Mirrors
OP2926 Lenses, set of 6
OP2927 Lens, Double Concave
OP2928 Lens, Double Convex
OP2929 Lens Holder
OP2930 Flexible Arm Magnifier
OP2931 Tripod Magnifier
OP2932 Pocket MAgnifiers
OP2933 Watchmaker's Eyeglass
OP2934 Magnifiers, Bakelite Handle
Blocks and Prisms
OP2935 Spherometer
OP2936 Glass Block/ Slab, Rectangular
OP2937 Perspex Block/ Slab, Rectangular
OP2938 Glass Prism, Equilateral
OP2939 Glass Prism, Equilateral, Right Angle
OP2940 Spectrometer Prisms
OP2941 Set of Acrylic Plastic Box
Ray Optics
OP2942 Optical Disc, Magnetic
OP2943 Refrective Index of Liquid by Critical Angle Method
OP2944 Ray Optics Kit
OP2945 Ray Optics and Colou Mixing Box
OP2946 Pin Hole Camera
OP2947 Telescope Model, Astronomical
OP2948 Astronomical Telescope
OP2949 Reading Telescope
Optical Benches
OP2950 Optical Bench, 1 Meter
OP2951 Optical Bench, 1.5 Meter
OP2952 Cross Wires
OP2953 Object Needle
OP2954 Object Screen
OP2955 Iris Diaphragm

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