This Section comprises of a General List of Laboratory Chemicals we supply. For a specific requirement, please e-mail us.
A - E
CS3201 Acetanilide, N-Phenyl Acetamide
CS3202 Acetic Acid Glacial, For Synthesis
CS3203 Acetic Acid Solution 5%
CS3204 Acetocarmine, Microscopical Staining
CS3205 Acetone, For Synthesis
CS3206 Acetophenone
CS3207 N-Acetyl Glycine
CS3208 Acrylamide, For Molecular Biology
CS3209 Adipic Acid
CS3210 Agar Agar, Bacteriological
CS3211 Alginic Acid, Mixed Polymer of Mannuronic and Glucoronic Acid
CS3212 Aluminium Bromide
CS3213 Aluminium Chloride, (Hexahydrate) Extra Pure
CS3214 Aluminium Foil
CS3215 Aluminium Iodide
CS3216 Aluminium Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3217 Aluminium Oxide
CS3218 Aluminium Potassium Sulfate, Extra Pure
CS3219 Aluminium Powder
CS3220 Ammonia Buffer Solution
CS3221 Ammonia Solution A.R.
CS3222 Ammonium Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3223 Ammonium Benzoate
CS3224 Ammonium Bicarbonate, Extra Pure
CS3225 Ammonium Biflouride, Extra Pure
CS3226 Ammonium Bromide, Extra Pure
CS3227 Ammonium Ceric Sulfate, Extra Pure
CS3228 Ammonium Chloride A.R.
CS3229 Ammonium Sulphate, Extra Pure
CS3230 Ammonium Thiocyanate, Extra Pure
CS3231 Ammonium Iodide
CS3232 Ammonium Nitrate A.R.
CS3233 Antimony Bromide
CS3234 Antimony Nitrate
CS3235 Barium Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3236 Barium Chloride A.R.
CS3237 Barium Hydroxide, Suitable for Electroplating
CS3238 Benzene A.R.
CS3239 Benzoic Acid, Extra Pure
CS3240 Benzophenone, Extra Pure
CS3241 Benzyl Alcohol
CS3242 Benzyl Chloride, Extra Pure
CS3243 Bismuth Acetate
CS3244 Bismuth Chlorid
CS3245 Borax
CS3246 Boric Acid, Extra Pure
CS3247 Borsche's Reagent, For Detection of Ketones
CS3248 N-Butyl Acetate
CS3249 N-Butyl Alcohol
CS3250 Bromophenol Blue Solution
CS3251 Cadmium Acetate
CS3252 Cadmium Bromide
CS3253 Cadmium Chloride, Monohydrate
CS3254 Cadmium Chromate
CS3255 Cadmium Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3256 Cadmium Sulfate, Extra Pure
CS3257 Calcium Chloride Fused
CS3258 Calcium Carbonate, Extra Pure
CS3259 Calcium Hydroxide, Extra Pure
CS3260 Calcium Iodide, Extra Pure
CS3261 Calcium Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3262 Calcium Oxide Powder, Extra Pure
CS3263 Carbolic Acid, Phenol
CS3264 Carbon Tetrachloride
CS3265 Cellulose Powder For T.L.C., Without Binder
CS3266 Ceric Sulphate, Extra Pure
CS3267 Charcoal Activated, Decolourising Powder
CS3268 Chlorobenzene
CS3269 Chloroform A.R.
CS3270 Chromic Acid A.R.
CS3271 Chromium III Chloride
CS3272 Chromium III Nitrate
CS3273 Chromium III Potassium Sulfate
CS3274 Citric Acid, Extra Pure
CS3275 Cleanol, For Cleaning of all Laboratory Equipment
CS3276 Cobalt II Acetate
CS3277 Cobalt II Carbonate
CS3278 Cobalt II Chloride
CS3279 Cobalt II Nitrate
CS3280 Cobalt II Sulphate
CS3281 Copper Acetate
CS3282 Copper Carbonate
CS3283 Copper Chloride
CS3284 Copper Foil, 0.1 mm App.
CS3285 Copper Nitrate
CS3286 Copper Oxide
CS3287 Copper Sulfate
CS3288 Copper Metal Turning
CS3289 Crystal Voilet, For Microscopy
CS3290 Cyclohexane
CS3291 Dextrose Anydrous A.R.
CS3292 Dextrose Monohydrate
CS3293 D. M. Water
CS3294 Diacetyl Monoxime, Extra Pure
CS3295 Diazo Reagent - A
CS3296 Diazo Reagent - B
CS3297 Diethyl Bromo Melonate
CS3298 Di Calcium Phosphate
CS3299 Di Chloromethane
CS3300 Diethyl Ether, Ether Solvent
CS3301 Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, For Synthesis
CS3302 Dimethyl Glyoxime, Extra Pure
CS3303 Dimethyl Yellow Ph Indicator
CS3304 Dimethyl Formamide
CS3305 Diphenylamine
CS3306 Drabkin's Solution
CS3307 EDTA Solution - 5%
CS3308 EDTA Solution - 10%
CS3309 Ehrlich's Reagent, For Detection of Urobillinogen
CS3310 Eosin Blue, For Microscopy
CS3311 Eosin Yellow, For Microscopy, Water Soluable
CS3312 Esbach's Reagent , For Detection of Proteins
CS3313 Ether Solvent
CS3314 2- Ethoxy Ethanol
CS3315 Ethyl Acetate
CS3316 Ethyl Methyl Ketone
CS3317 Ethylene Glycol
F - J
CS3318 Fehling's Solution - A
CS3319 Fehling's Solution - B
CS3320 Ferric Ammonium Sulphate
CS3321 Ferric Chloride Solution 10%
CS3322 Ferric Nitrate
CS3323 Ferrion Indicator Solution
CS3324 Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate
CS3325 Ferrous Sulphate
CS3326 Ferrous Sulphide Sticks
CS3327 Fluorescein
CS3328 Formaldehyde Solution, Formalin
CS3329 Formic Acid 85%
CS3330 Fouchet's Reagent, For Bile Pigment Bilirubin
CS3331 Fusion Mixture
CS3332 Gallic Acid
CS3333 Gentian Violet Powder
CS3334 Giemsa's Stain Solution
CS3335 D-Glucose Anhydrous
CS3336 D-Glucose Monohydrate
CS3337 Glycerine, Glycerol
CS3338 Glycine, Amino Acetic Acid
CS3339 Gram's Iodine Solution
CS3340 Gum Acacia
CS3341 Hematoxylin Stain Powder
CS3342 Heptane
CS3343 Hexamine, Extra Pure
CS3344 Hexane, Fraction from Petroleum
CS3345 Hydrazine Sulphate
CS3346 Hydrochloric Acid A.R.
CS3347 Hydrofluoric Acid, About 40%
CS3348 Hydrogen Peroxide - 20 Vol., 6%
CS3350 Hydroxylammonium
CS3349 Hydroquinone, A Reagent in Determination of small quantity of Phosphates
CS3351 Hydroxy Napthol Blue, Indicator for Calcium Determination
CS3352 Indole 3-Acetic Acid, Plant Growth Harmone
CS3353 Indole 3-Buytric Acid, Plant Growth Harmone
CS3354 Indol-3-Propionic Acid
CS3355 Iodine Indicator Powder
CS3356 Iodine Solution, N/10
CS3357 Iodine Filings
CS3358 Isooctane A.R.
CS3359 Iso Propyl Alcohol
K - O
CS3360 Lactic Acid, Extra Pure
CS3361 Lacto Phenol For Microscopy
CS3362 Lactose Monohydrate
CS3363 Lead Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3364 Lead Carbonate, Extra Pure
CS3365 Lead Foil
CS3366 Lead Monoxide (Litarge)
CS3367 Lead Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3368 Lead Peroxide, Extra Pure
CS3369 Lead Acetate Basic, Lead Sub Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3370 Leishmans Stain Solution
CS3371 Lime Water
CS3372 Lithium Carbonate, Extra Pure
CS3373 Lithium Sulfate
CS3374 Litmus Blue Solution
CS3275 Litmus Red Solution
CS3376 Litmus Blue Paper
CS3377 Litmus Red Paper
CS3378 Magnesium Acetate (Tetrahydrate)
CS3379 Magnesium Carbonate Light
CS3380 Magnesium Chloride, Extra Pure
CS3381 Magnesium Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3382 Magnesium Metal Ribbon
CS3383 Magnesium Oxide Light, Extra Pure
CS3384 Magnesium Sulphate, Extra Pure
CS3385 Malachite Green (Fast Green), For Microscopy
CS3386 Maleic Acid, For Synthesis
CS3387 Malt Extract, For Bacteriology
CS3388 Manganese Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3389 Manganese Dioxide Tech
CS3390 Manganese Chloride, Extra Pure
CS3391 Manganese Sulfate, Extra Pure
CS3392 Marble Chips
CS3393 Mercuric Acetate, Extra Pure
CS3394 Mercuric Chloride
CS3395 Mercuric Iodide Red
CS3396 Mercuric Oxide Red, Extra Pure
CS3397 Mercuric Oxide Yellow, Extra Pure
CS3398 Mercuric Sulfate
CS3399 Mercurous Chloride, Calomel
CS3400 Mercury
CS3401 Methanol, Methyl Alcohol, Extra Pure
CS3402 Methyl Blue, For Microscopy
CS3403 Methyl Orange Solution
CS3404 Methyl Purple
CS3405 Methyl Red Solution
CS3406 Methyl Salicylate, Extra Pure
CS3407 Methyl Voilet, For Microscopy
CS3408 Methylene Blue, Extra Pure For Microscopy
CS3409 Methylene Dichloride, Dichloromethane
CS3410 Methyl Ethyl Ketone
CS3411 Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
CS3412 Millon's Reagent
CS3413 Molybdic Acid
CS3414 Monochlorobenzene
CS3415 Monoethanolamine
CS3416 Naphthalene Powder
CS3417 Napthol Alpha
CS3418 Napthol Beta
CS3419 Nesler's Reagent
CS3420 Neutral Red Powder
CS3421 Nickel Carbonate
CS3422 Nickel Chloride, Extra Pure
CS3423 Nickel Sulphate, Extra Pure
CS3424 Nitric Acid
CS3425 Nitrobenzene
CS3426 M-Nitro Phenol
CS3427 Orange G Powder, For Microscopy
CS3428 Orthophosphoric Acid 88%, (Phosphoric Acid)
CS3429 Oxalic Acid, Extra Pure
P - T
CS3430 Pandy's Reagent
CS3431 Parrafin Liquid Heavy
CS3432 Parrafin Liquid Light
CS3433 Parrafin Wax, 58-600 deg. C
CS3434 Parrafin Wax With Ceresin
CS3435 Paraformaldehyde, Fine Powder
CS3436 N Pentane, Extra Pure
CS3437 Petroleum Ether, 40-600 deg. C
CS3438 Ph Paper
CS3439 Phenol, Carbonic Acid
CS3440 Phenol Reagent, Folin-N And Ciacalteau
CS3441 Phenol Red Solution
CS3442 Phenolphthalein Solution
CS3443 Phosphate Molybdate Solution
CS3444 Phosphoric Acid
CS3445 Phosphorus Pentoxide, Extra Pure
CS3446 Phosphorus Red
CS3447 Phthalic Acid
CS3448 Potassium Alum, Aluminium Potassium Sulfate
CS3449 Potassium Bromate
CS3450 Potassium Bromide
CS3451 Potassium Carbonate
CS3452 Potassium Chloride
CS3453 Potassium Chromate
CS3454 Potassium Dichromate
CS3455 Potassium Flouride
CS3456 Potassium Hydroxide Flakes
CS3457 Potassium Iodate
CS3458 Potassium Iodide
CS3459 Potassium Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3460 Potassium Oxalate, Extra Pure
CS3461 Potassium Permanganate
CS3462 Potassium Sulfate, Extra Pure
CS3463 Propane - 2ol, Isopropyl Alcohol
CS3464 Propylene Glycol, Extra Pure
CS3465 Redox Indicator
CS3466 Safranine, For Microscopy
CS3467 Salicylic Acid
CS3468 Schiff's Reagent
CS3469 Silica Gel Blue Coarse, 3-8 Mesh
CS3470 Silica Gel White Coarse, 3-8 Mesh
CS3471 Silica Gel For T.L.C.
CS3472 Silica Gel For Col. Chr., 100-200 Mesh
CS3473 Silica Gel For Col. Chr., 230-400 Mesh
CS3474 Silver Nitrate
CS3475 Silver Oxide
CS3476 Silver Sulphate, Extra Pure
CS3477 Sodalime with Indicator
CS3478 SSodium Acetate Trihydrate
CS3479 Sodium Benzoate
CS3480 Sodium Bicarbonate, Extra Pure
CS3481 Sodium Bromide, Extra Pure
CS3482 Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous, Extra Pure
CS3483 Sodium Chloride, Extra Pure
CS3484 Tri Sodium Citrate
CS3485 Sodium Citrate Solution 3.8%
CS3486 Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous
CS3487 Sodium Dichromate
CS3488 Sodium Fluoride
CS3489 Sodium Phosphate
CS3490 Sodium Hydroxide Flakes
CS3491 Sodium Iodide
CS3492 Sodium Metal
CS3493 Sodium Molybdate, Extra Pure
CS3494 Sodium Nitrate, Extra Pure
CS3495 Sodium Nitrite, Extra Pure
CS3496 Sodium Sulphide Flakes
CS3497 Starch Soluble
CS3498 Sucrose, Extra Pure
CS3499 Sudan I
CS3500 Sudan III
CS3501 Sulphanilic Acid
CS3502 Sulphur Powder, Extra Pure
CS3503 Sulphur Roll
CS3504 Sulphuric Acid 98%
CS3505 Tannic Acid, Extra Pure
CS3506 Thymol Blue Indicator Solution
CS3507 Tin Chloride
CS3508 Tin Foil, Extra Pure
CS3509 Titanium Dioxide
CS3510 Tollen's Reagent
CS3511 Topfer's Reagent
CS3512 Trichloroacetic Acid, Solution 20%
CS3513 Triethanolamine
CS3514 Triethylamine
CS3515 Tris - Buffer
CS3516 Turmeric Paper
U - Z
CS3517 Universal Indicator Solution
CS3518 Urea, Extra Pure
CS3519 W.B.C. Diluting Fluid
CS3520 Wright`S Stain Powder
CS3521 Xylene, Sulphur Free (Rectified)
CS3522 Zinc Acetate, Dihydrate
CS3523 Zinc Carbonate Basic
CS3524 Zinc Chloride, Dry And Pure
CS3525 Zinc Dust
CS3526 Zinc Nitrate Pure, Hexahydrate
CS3527 Zinc Oxide Pure
CS3528 Zinc Sulphate Pure, Hexahydrate
CS3529 Zinc Sulphide

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